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A podcast from a couple to discuss other couples. Join us as we make our way through shows revolving around love and the chaos it brings. Thank you for listening! 💜

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Saturday Feb 18, 2023

Honestly, it's a pretty entertaining season to watch. While we wish we were able to see more happily ever afters, not many people can even stand their partner. Chris and Nicole continue to be our one hope as everyone else seems to be grasping at straws. We finally see the couples move into their apartments and visit a few homes for a walk through. We are already looking forward to next episode and the wisdom Pastor Cal will bring.
Thank you for listening! 

Friday Feb 17, 2023

You guys were definitely right and the interview exceeded our expectations! One thing we kept telling each other is how we wish they would ask some of these questions now. I would love to see how their answers have changed. Also, if we could get them on the same couch like this again, it would be glorious. 
Thank you for listening!

Friday Feb 10, 2023

We continue to watch the couples fall in love and enjoy the honeymoon. Just kidding, it's a mess. I don't think we've ever had so many couples not be attracted to each other and not even try. But here we are!
We also really try to clarify what Team Clint means to us. We're just above 50%. Let's not get carried away here. 
Side note: I didn't realize how much I said the word "offended" until editing. I'll work on a synonym or simply not say it so much :) 
Thank you for listening! 
Fly Eagles Fly

Friday Feb 10, 2023

The big day has arrived! Robyn officially joined the family and things were never the same. It was particularly sad to see everyone's hopes and dreams for the future now that they can settle down. 
The next episode is the NBC interview that we're torn on covering but then it's followed by the classic 11 day honeymoon. What about the tender children at home? I'll always bring it up :)
Thank you for listening!

Friday Feb 03, 2023

It really is all about the journey! All the couples seem to be doing well throughout the episode right until the end. Gina went hard! Now, I have a hard time with Clint and his personality but that was rough! Looking forward to seeing how next episode plays out and when the spoiler scene actually happens this season.
00:00 - 05:43 - SPOILER
Thank you for listening!

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

People. Season 1 is jam packed full of gems. I know we say it every week but really, we missed out on so much during the first viewing of these episodes.
First up we see Meri and Kody's 20th anniversary, the first mention of the claddagh rings and Robyn trying to sell us on why she is rightfully in the nightly rotation before marriage (no).
Then we get to see one of the most iconic episodes in the entire series: The wedding dress shopping. Need I say more? Yes more happens in the episode but the wedding dress incident raised so many red flags that we didn't pick up on the first time around. We saw the first lie Kody and Robyn got caught in together and their natural instinct to hide information for their own benefit. All at the cost of their families trust. 
00:00 - 12:37 - Intro: Rambling about Gwen's Patreon and Cafe Rio
Thank you for listening! 

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

This week we got to watch the couples spend their first night together, have their first breakfast as husband & wife and also the infamous family brunches. While the brunch is pretty unnecessary as it is every season, the rest of the episode was great! We catch up with all the couples as they travel to Jamaica and now we really want a vacation. Next episode looks like the fun really starts! 
Thank you for listening! 

Monday Jan 23, 2023

We were not expecting such key Sister Wives episodes so early on in season one! Wow, what a surprise. The kiss between Kody and Robyn while Christine was in labor was even worse than I remember. Also, how did I not notice that Robyn has cried in every single episode she has been in so far. We are only four episodes in! 
Thank you for listening!
* At one point I mention how Robyn wanted Christine to destroy her legal marriage certificate but I meant Meri. I was too annoyed to realize I said the wrong name at the time :) 

Sunday Jan 22, 2023

There's a portion in Dom and Mac's segment where I mentioned ethnicity when I meant to say race - apologies I didn't catch it until listening back!
As the wedding receptions come to a close we are starting to see more glimmers of hope between the couples. We won't let this fool us though, the sneak peek of the season looks like plenty of drama. We can't wait to to get to the honeymoon!
Thank you for listening! 

Sunday Jan 15, 2023

We aren't ready to let go of Sister Wives quite yet! Join us as we break down the first two episodes of season 1. 
Thank you for listening!

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