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A podcast from a couple to discuss other couples. Join us as we make our way through shows revolving around love and the chaos it brings. Thank you for listening! ūüíú

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18 hours ago

This weeks March Madness updates before the big games starting Friday! We are already so excited to see how this next round plays out!
Then we talk about a slightly controversial topic: Would you give up your seat on a flight so a parent could sit next to their toddler? We also learn that neither one of us really knows how old a toddler is. 
Thank you for listening! 

3 days ago

This was a great episode with the Browns! Remember the good old days when the family did stuff together? It was so refreshing to watch! Everyone was adorable and we loved seeing the proud grandmothers with all the kiddos. But, would it be a Sister Wives episode without Kody doing something completely unnecessary? Watching him take half of his mothers food was even worse than we remember. 
Thank you for listening!

4 days ago

This was recorded on the 3/26 before the night games! We'll have more updates for you soon! After talking about March Madness we move onto kids sports, movies we watched recently and a simple question that I broke down way too much for Leon. 
Thank you for listening! 

5 days ago

Dr. Pepper usually mixes things up a bit so we're happy to see her this week as many couples have become stuck. 
Airris is attempting to be a little more open but it may be too late for Jasmine, and we can't blame her at all. Chris and Nicole are moving along as expected and continue to be steady. Clint and Gina are completely stuck and I think this may be as good as it's going to get. We officially see the first on camera kiss for Kirsten and Shaq! 
Thank you for listening! 

March Madness & More!

Monday Mar 20, 2023

Monday Mar 20, 2023

Wow! March Madness feels wild this year! This just proves no one can predict sports. We have had fun trying though! 
00:00 - 08:50 - March Madness
08:51 - End - Getting cut in line, what else we're watching, new podcast I'm listening to
Thank you for listening!

Monday Mar 20, 2023

We are back! Thank you for all the love and positive feedback, we're so excited to cover season 2! 
Season 2 begins with the kids first day attending public school, the adults in NYC for their press tour, ice blocking and we see initial reactions to the infamous Lehi investigation. But even more infamous than the investigation, we see Christine's homemade hamburger buns. 
Thank you for listening!

Thursday Mar 16, 2023

It's March Madness time! If that's not your thing definitely feel free to skip ahead!
00:00 - 05:02 - March Madness
05:03 - End - Moonshine and Monthiversaries
The one month anniversaries are finally here! It felt like it would have been the perfect time for the experts to make an appearance but I guess not quite yet. Kirsten and Shaq continue to be on completely different pages (maybe in completely different books), Gina and Clint are still willing to be friends, Nicole and Chris spend quality time together in the air and Jasmine continues to put in effort as Airris is... just there. 
* I didn't realize I said Kristen instead of Kirsten until editing, I'll get it next time!
Thank you for listening!

Friday Mar 10, 2023

While we had high hopes from the preview last week, not too much happened.
Chris did not learn from Clint's mistakes, at all and Nicole continues to do a full-court press for the L word. Clint and Gina seem like they may have made a tiny bit of progress this week! A little bit of natural touching while hanging out, some nice conversations, they might be getting there! Airris and Jasmine continue to move backwards and Airris keeps picking at her. I'm looking forward to Jasmine giving Airris a bit of her mind next week. I don't even know what's going on with Kirsten and Shaq. They're both not in this. Sure, they say the correct things but the action isn't there. Especially on Shaq's part this week. 
If you're interested, join our pool for the men's and women's March Madness tournaments!
Men's March Madness Pool:
Women's March Madness Pool: 
Thank you for listening!

Sunday Mar 05, 2023

00:00 - 07:07 - Intro
07:08 - End: MAFS - Season 16 Episode 9
It's official, we have seen the first divorce of the season. While no one watching at home is really shocked, it's always a bummer to see people call it quits so soon. 
The house warming parties were mostly uneventful as usual but next episode seems like it will be a good one! We are hoping for a little more love. 
If you're interested, join our pool for the men's and women's March Madness tournaments!
Men's March Madness Pool:
Women's March Madness Pool: 
Thank you for listening!

Friday Feb 24, 2023

You know what? We like this season. There is almost nothing at stake. People will just move on. It is much more enjoyable to sit back and enjoy the ride than to hope for another Amani and Woody type of love. It's probably not happening this season, guys. But! We still love to watch it! 
I went in on Dom a lot this episode but honestly, I caught myself picking at Leon today. Just those little things sometimes drive you crazy! She may have a lot of those little things that annoy her but Mac isn't perfect either. I just can't get over how fast this went downhill. I'm calling it now: next episode will be the last time we see them together as a married couple. 
We continue to see very little of Kirsten and Shaq and I feel like that alone is very telling. The scenes we do get show nothing between them. I don't even think they have officially kissed yet. 
Airris continues to talk himself up as Jasmine is staying strong in what she wants from this relationship. She absolutely deserves an amazing partner, I'm just not sure Airris will give it a fair chance. I see potential... I think.
Chris surprised me this week and I did not expect him to pull back from Nicole. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but if everything is so perfect, why would you want to take a step backward after decision day? Maybe it's just the fear talking.
Honestly, I almost forgot about Clint and Gina. Sure they will remain married for longer than Dom and Mac but my prediction for them: Gina is never moving in and they will never speak to each other outside of filming. They are as done as Dom and Mac, they just want it to look different to the camera. 
Thank you for listening!

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